seat pin

I must say, when I first got my strida I had my doubts about the pin that was meant to hold the seat in position. It’s such a tiny thing and admittedly I was pushing the weight limit as it was. Unfortunately it did end up breaking, with the remaining part embedded in the frame (with not luck getting it out so far…)

As the Australian distributor hasn’t answered my emails yet about spare parts, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went to the hardware store and got some bolts - tiny enough to fit in the hole, albeit not entirely too snugly. Currently it’s served me well, and I do have spares in case it fails.

Anyone else had problems with the pin?


Those pins are NOT meant to take any weight !!

They are just meant to align the seat when the clamps are loose - then the clamps should be tightened (as tight as you can). the clamps take the load … which is why they MUST be tight … or load will be transfered to pin, and that will break !

The pins only cost a few cents, I would imagine your dealer will send one out for free, if you ask nicely :smiley: The old one can be removed by carefully unscrewing it from below with pliers / grips. (or if that fails is a dremel to make a screw driver slot).

For more info see the service site … … ge=manuals includes manual

good luck and enjoy your flying triangle :smiley:

I wish you luck getting that pin. My pin snapped within the first month of ownership. I am well below the stated weight limit and the seat bolts were tight. I requested a replacement pin from the distributor, YEAHBIKE. They played e-mail games with me for THREE MONTHS… always stating that the pin would come whenever I bugged them (nicely). I finally asked what was taking so long and they never replied back. Clowns!!! :imp:

I resolved the problem by doing something I had intended to do all along. Inserted a thin rubber lining between the tube and the seat harness. Ensured that the seat was aligned (no pin to help with this now), and then tightened both clamp bolts. I then added a nut to the end of each clamp bolt and tightened these as well. This ensured that the threads running through the clamps didn’t strip due to possible over-tightening of the bolts. That seat goes nowhere now!

You could always go direct to Ming … i am not sure how they would react, but cost and post on these pins must be pretty minimal. An alternative spare to that pin is a 4mm x 38/40mm (or 5/32" x 1.5") roll pin or ‘spirol pin’. These are stronger but have to be tapped into the hole with a hammer (so that 4mm sticks out under the tube).

Well, using an ordinary 4mm bolt has worked so far. Though I do notice that it doesn’t quite fit entirely too well and has a tendency to give off some worrying rattling. I might consider trying to get one with a nut that is also maybe a little longer too. Still, in the event it snaps I’ve got plenty more. Just have to hope it doesn’t slip into the frame ^_^;;

Still haven’t had too much luck getting the pin out, though perhaps I need something to give my pliers good grip like a rubber band.

In retrospect, I perhaps wonder if it was maybe the swaying action I usually do on my bike that snapped the pin. Because I’m fairly sure I had the bolts on fairly tight otherwise.

I haven’t received a reply from the Australian distributor, but I’m not too fussed. I’m just glad that I’m at just the right height for the seat to cover both holes.

Great stuff Kami !!

I find I need a bigger allen key than the supplied one to get the clamp screws really tight … and even better if their threads are greased 1st.

its a good job that on a Strida you dont have to adjust the seat height on every fold :open_mouth: - just fix and (hopefully) forget.

PS I’ve heard that side motion you described is called bum squirm !!! :smiley:

Thanks H.A.
Think I’ll go with one of those 4mm bolts. Ofcourse, my seat is so rock solid that I don’t want to remove it just yet. Will wait a bit before I proceed.

Yeah I don’t usually use the supplied allen key - I use a rachet screwdriver with a hex attachment. Also makes the job much faster.

Though if you grease the threads, would it be more prone to comming loose?

Just means less force needed to get same tightness … BTW did i meantion :smiley: those screws like to be really tight :smiley:

Another broken pin in Hong Kong.

Fortunately, it’s not mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mark who is a tall guy had the seat so high that he is well above
the highest pin. Check the pdf he has on the official site.

He is 193 so he need to set the seat as high that is practical.

I wonder how he get the needed friction against the tube to
have a secured saddle. Other wise it wiggle around when one ride.

Simple - Tighten those steel clamps ! - the strida seat mounting is just like a regular seat mounting turned inside out … the frame tube is like the seat post and each steel clamp is like a regular bike frame where it clamps around the seat post … the plastic seat mounting is like the plastic shim often found between seat post and frame … to grip and avoid scratching.

New pin

You can see that there’re some modifications on the design of the new pin.