Seat mount pin - Europe

Hey there fellow Strida’s. I’m new to the forum, and this is my first post/thread.
I’d basically like to know if anyone has had the need to buy a seat mount pin for their bike (mine is a secondhand 5.0) in Europe. I just don’t feel like “wasting” over €30 getting it from Canada, the only place I could find it being sold by itself so far (5 for the pin itself and around 25 for the shipping iirc).

If anyone has a clue about this, please let me know n_n

Thanks a lot!

Hello venezuelan_strida,

where in Europe are you located please?

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Heya! Currently I’m living in Dublin, Ireland :slight_smile: perhaps somewhere in UK would be perfect, but the distributor listed in the Strida page must be out of business cause their Web doesn’t work

And whoah, thanks for the incredibly fast reply :open_mouth:

Ah, I see…your nick did not lead to Ireland at first sight :smiley:

Welcome at Stridaforum!

Yeah; that would be also a waste of resources…
I’m unsure whether the new British distributor does have these little things in stock, however please try here:

Shipped from here you would have to expect around/below 10€ I believe…

Thanks a lot again mate.

I will contact them to check the availability and keep the thread posted.


Hi, venezuelan Strida, I can help you with the seat pin and the shipping can be under 10.00 from Canada. My site may have provided you with a shipping cost but as I ship very little to Europe it may not be accurate. The best thing is to contact me with your shipping address with my email, The seat pin can ship in very small envelop.
Also to note for Strida Fans viewing my web site, my costs are in Canadian dollars, which at this time is 15 % less than the USD

Cheers, Bill