schwalbe winter 16x1.2 on strida LT plastic rims?

I found a thread discussing winter tyres here, but it’s over 3 years old.

I’m currently thinking about buying some winter tires for my strida LT, and found this:

I’m new to strida, but I read that plastic wheels are designed for 1.25 “- 1.5”, so I suppose the tires I’m posting could work just fine.

Has anybody tried it yet?


I’m so sorry, but I have to destroy your illusions:

The size 30-349 (16 x 1,20) will not fit a Strida 16" rim, equal if metal or plastic.
You need to observe primarily the ETRTO labeling; the size is misleading in this case!
All Strida 16 inch rims are intended for tire sizes like xx-305, xx-349 is definitely much too big.

Thank you very much for quick reply! Too bad it won’t fit…

I’ll take Schwalbe Black Jack and see how they perform.

Yes, really too bad :unamused:
(But as always; there is a way…if you don’t care about costs and time…
All we need are two hubs, some spokes and two 349 rims :smiling_imp: )

Sure, you might try Black Jacks, but be prepared to expect mounting trouble:
Problem with Big Apple 16"
The Strida’s original rims do not match (very good) to (extremely) wide tyres :wink: