Schwalbe Marathon Plus 35-355 discontinued - what tyre?

Getting tired (pun intended) of my Kojaks due to punctures. Ripped open the sidewall today for example.

It seems like Schwalbe has discontinued the 35-355 size: … -plus.html

What tire, between 32 and 35, should I choose?

That’s correct, already a while ago told me Schwalbe:
“Oh, we’re sorry, we didn’t have the Strida on our screen…” :confused:

There is just one alternative nowadays, the Innova. :confused:

Any update on wich tire can be used for 18 inch strida sx ?
The 40-355 schawlbe marathon racer really rub the frame ?
I mean it is 8 mm difference that result in 4 mm on each side , or am I doing the math the wrong way ?

Hi Diti,

not really, there is just one new tyre in that odd size and it is a slick:

That depends on your wheels (please don’t think that all 18" Strida wheels are equal regarding their centers; there are ones a mm right and other ones a mm left of center) - that’s why some riders reported yes and others said no.
I’d not recommend to use them - consider that a slightly untrue wheel might cause periodically rubbing at the frame. :confused:

You’re right with math but don’t overlook tolerance :neutral_face:

Thank you ! I did not thought of that way ! I ordered a pair of innova to change the kojaks.I do hope that it won’t slide that much on rain , and I am thinking of changing the saddle as well because my’ derriere 'is killing me . :smiley:
Thanks for the quick answer.

Innovas will be much better for rain than Kojaks of course.

Regarding the saddle please note that some saddles fit the Strida seat molding - and some do not.
That’s depending on the position of the rails →
Re: More comfy saddle

therefore - if possible - better try the saddle before buying it :wink: