Schlumph tip + video

Hey guys. So i managed to get the Schlumph drive one 100% correctly.
I glued some ‘chair damper’ things in the inside of de easy shift kick plates. No more hard ‘metal to metal’ noise and shifts smooth and silent.

I also did i little bit of silicone into the gear shift button. Keeps the button perfectly in place and is defo cheaper then the extra tool from Schlumph.

If you will regularly be installing our gearing systems, we recommend using a
torque wrench, that can mesure a torque of 110cNm.
A torque screw driver is available as accessory.

Mentioned already at my tool post that this precision torque wrench is intended for semiprofessional workstores only and I do still think it is not implicitly required - a simple, L-shaped Allen key does the trick, too :slight_smile:

Silicone is for my money a bit, well, ah, questionable…hope that works :neutral_face: