Schlumpf Speed Drives on Ebay

Was about to buy an EVO, would love a C1 but it has no gearing & for a hard rider, I need gears.

Own a couple of SX’s, true racing Stridas but for the gears.

Reluctant to invest $1300 for an EVO, then $200 in pedal upgrades, etc.

Was searching on craigslist for used stridas and found a link for ebay stidas and then speed drives/gearing.

Which one would you guys recommend, they are Taiwanese but say they are the same German engineering?

Do I need to replace more than just the $280 components?

Is it complicated, could a bike store do it or do they need specialized tools & parts?

Here they are, all 3 seem slightly different;

This one is for $280 … SwCQNWf4v7

This is for $400 but seems to have a whole lot more … SwmrlUugHw

This one is for $480 but it talks about an ebike application … 1491338172

Has anyone had any recent experience with these companies?

Does it make that much of a difference, having a second gear?

What are the real advantages?

  • Correct would be Suisse engineering, btw…

From here:
Re: Has anyone retrofitted a schlumpf on their strida?

If you mean your first two links:
They seem to be complete, but without tools.

The third link is a longer version which is not suitable for Strida (no beltwheel, no belt, no eccentric bottom bracket).

I’ve done a lot of work just to help Strida riders to judge about this delicate and personal question.

Re: Has anyone retrofitted a schlumpf on their strida?

Nobody else than YOU can tell if it will be complicated for YOU.

An experienced shop must be able to do; they will already own most of the required tools.

Just a short, not productive mail contact with bikegang.

My opinion telegram style:
One gear - much too less.
Two gears, heel gear shift - cool, but still too less.
Three gears, backwards pedaling gear shift - not my style, well, Ok…
Seven gears - now we’re talking :slight_smile:

Shifting by heel kick during pedaling forwards. :sunglasses:

As always, a fantastic answer from Blackstridaaustria!

While I can do almost anything, it seems;

At $400 for a Taiwanese kit

Without buying the specialised tools

Then the Labour costs

It’s much cheaper to buy an EVO.

Moreover after reading what the inventor suggests, deep in those threads, about $650 plus, it makes even less sense.