Schlumpf 2-Speed Kit availability in USA?

Anyone know of a source to purchase this kit in the USA? I am uncomfortable shelling out $500 to overseas addresses/dealers/sellers on eBay in the hope the postal services won’t misplace or lose it. Also the toolkit required to install as well.

Nowadays the Schlumpf drive is represented by in Germany.
Either you might ask directly yourself - or I’d be happy to ask for you (speaking German might be more easy…)
At last we can also ask Mr. Schlumpf himself.

Did you know that the ATS drive kit is nowadays also available?
That’s not Swiss quality of course, but much cheaper than the Original.

I’d love to help you, the Schlumpf conversion is actually one of my favourite modifications :smiley:

Hi, last year David at Bfold bikes in NYC told me he had a two speed drive to sell, he may still have it.

Cheers Bill