saw another strida user finally

I’ve ridden my strida 5 for like 1 year now with daily commuting besides winter. All this time I have not seen anyone on the street with it even though there is a distributor right in toronto and he’s sold like 80 or so in one season.

Well yesterday was different I was riding home and on the other side of the street was another strida. I was just staring at him in disbelief as we rode past but we acknowledged each other with a friendly wave that we like clown bikes. So now I know there is someone else with it uptown! these things are like rare animals considering I’ve rode this all over the city. All I know frmo that in the end is that he has a bigger trunk bag than me and it still fits that tiny rack, i’m going to have to ask him where he got that one day :slight_smile:.

Ha ha, nice. This reminds me of a recent experience here in Germany. I didn’t see another rider, but this guy came up to me in the main shopping street and said, “Oh, a Strida!” First time someone knew what type of bike it was. Furthermore, he said that he had bought one of the first Mark I’s when they came out because he had been a design student and was into collecting uniquely designed items. He still has it, but needs some parts and doesn’t know where to get them.

I commute some 10 km in Copenhagen everyday (including the harsh winter) and never saw another Strida rider for like nine months despite that there are at least two Strida dealers in town, and Copenhagen is known to be the bicycle town.

Unfortunately I was in a hurry, why I just gave the guy a thumb up when riding pass him. Maybe we’ve got some time to talk the next time…