Safety is there any......mirrors

Well I search all over the forum and see no body but one Strida with a mirror. What you all do? I ride this thing in the street with cars, trucks and buses coming from behind and nowhere to know if they going to hit you. Please advice me about what have you do for a mirror.

I wat to upload some picture of what I have done for safety, do that no one of 54 readers have any safety option to share.
How do I do that? Upload picturers

Hello teladoy,

welcome at Stridaforum :slight_smile:

…but one… guess you meant GRAW’s:

That’s an Electra Cruiser Handlebar Mirror

Here’s another pic of renie825 from Hong Kong Strida forum:

Other members are using Zefal mirrors,
like the Zefal spy:

or this one, also Zefal of unidentified type:

You might look here, too:

Extended handle bar and Cyclestar type 901 in bar-end variety of Busch & Müller should fit, I mean…
I don’t use a mirror on my Stridas :wink:

Dear Guest,

be also welcome and please show us your pics :slight_smile:
Do you need further info than this?

Thank you blackstridaaustria some good link I have fit it with a black Piramide from US but i will check out the Sefal.
were can I load my Strida? Pics

As mentioned to our guest, please jump here:
[url]Image posting at in 5 steps]