Safe way to unfold strida

Is there a recommend way to unfold strida to avoid damaging ball joint plastic holder ? I suspect that to protect the plastic holder , the magnet should be released while the bike is laying on the floor. I think unfolding the bike in stnding position by turning the left handle bar left out lot of pressure on the plastic holder and by time it willl break. What do you think ? And why Strida use plastic not metal for this part that involve safety?:thinking:

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I’d recommend to keep the Strida upright at the steering bar and leaning it backwards.
Unfold the bars first, release the magnet with a quick push/pull at the bars while holding the bottom tube with your other hand.
Check out this video:
Folding/unfolding the Strida by OddCyclist

I don’t think that you need to worry about that.

Only Ming cycle will be able to answer this question.
My guess is - due to the costs of a full metal joint.

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Thanks good video :slightly_smiling_face:
I think Strida user could benefit from an open source library to 3D print its parts. Then users will not worry that much about Ming choices.:grin:

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Grabcad/Strida spares by Mark Sanders
So far, only for ancient versions…