Saddles - Alignment

I am waiting for the delivery of two SDs for my wife and myself. :smiley:

On my road bike I have always been happy with my Brooks saddle (after it was broken in.)

A couple of questions:

Will either the Brooks Flyer “Special” or the ladies model Brooks Flyer S "Special " fit on the saddle post?

Are saddles adjustable horizontally -tip up and down, as well as fore and aft?

Ray Barrick
Toronto Canada

I’m not sure about the Brooks Saddles, but the Strida has a very simple (sigh) mounting mechanism. The saddle rails can be slid fore and aft, and then tightened in place. There is no provision for tilt up/down. Its a very basic mechanism, but seems to work, especially for the short distances that I use my Strida for.

That being said, I wish that the Strida had a provision for a standard seat post that could be raised, lowered, etc. That would allow a bit more fine tuning for the seat position. Since I’m rather tall (6’ ), and the Strida doesn’t allow you to get off the bike, and stand over the top tube, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d like a lower, more rear seating position, ala Electra. So, I can get a standard leg extension, but still comfortably stop at a light and stand while seated.

Someone - perhaps Amuro or Binch - posted their success with mounting some model of Brooks saddle on their Strida but warned that other models will not work. Try searching for the thread.

This might be the thread you were thinking of: Replacing your seat? - #2 by Amuro_Lee

Thanks for the feedback. I have looked at the previous thread, but it doesn’t specify if the Brooks Flyer Special is the regular or “S” model (S being for short, I believe.)

Clarification on this point would be appreciated.

It seems to me the only difference between Flyer and Flyer S is the length of the “nose.” The mounting rails look identical to me. If that’s the case, the Flyer S should be okay. To be safe, before you actually install it, place it over your Strida’s seat mount and estimate its applicability. If it doesn’t fit, you can still return it since it’s not used.