Road bike saddle on Strida ?

Hi my friends :
Do you recommend to swap the original saddle with a full-carbon saddle from road bike ?
It looks like this :


Hi Sam,

you must try yourself whether it fits or not - crucial is the vertical distance between the lower edge of the saddle nose and the rails as shown below, the two saddles on top of the original will not fit:



I see ! Thank you Chris .

Then it may be possible that I have to give up the idea .
Let me re-think about… if there is any alternative solution .

Whenever possible, try!

Due to the seat molding shape fit sometimes saddles which nobody would expect that they do.
Here’s an example;

if you look a that one from the sides it seems that it can never match - in reality it fits very well.

Hi all my friends

Is there anybody who finished this kind of modification ; and he/she is willing to share the photo with me ?


Hi Chris :

I found a old post in “Taiwan Strida Users’ Group”

There was a strida rider who installed a full carbon saddle on his lovely strida :
His comment was :”the front end of the saddle is higher than the rear end” , which cause a little problem on the riding posture. But generally it saves 200gram.

Hi Sam,

yes that is exactly the problem, I’d not like to ride with a tilted saddle.

You did know that there is also a lightweight version by MIng themselves?
This one must fit.

Hi Chris

I checked with Taiwan Strida (Ming) and also local dealers, they all said above saddles were all sold out.

However, one Taiwanese Strida lover told me , that the Saddles were OEM manufactured by the company called Karbona
( In Taiwan there are thousands of those kind of companies )

And here is the product from their E-catalogue

Also the enlarged photo is here

Compare to the one in Strida official catalogue

I am asking Karbona if they are willing to deal with me , who is an individual rider?
(Would you like to have one?)


Yes I knew that - you’re living in the bike (parts) paradise :laughing:

Well, I’m curious what Karbona will tell you; suppliers work usually with dealers only and they are not that interested to serve single customers. :neutral_face:

Chris :
We will see.

It is very possible that they cannot deal with me . In that case I fully understand their decision .
Or it may be also possible that they offer me a very high price . That is a kind of soft way to say no in Taiwan .

I guess we will know the answer very soon .



I got the feedback . Their feedback is so fast just like all the Taiwanese companies’

  1. They said they cannot sell me the saddle with Strida logo. And they also cannot sell me the saddles with other logos which they are not authorized to sell.

  2. However, they can sell me saddles without logo belongs to customers . But for each type of saddle they can only sell me one piece. (As commercial sample)

  3. After discussion via phone , they can sell me :

The one they sold to Strida (Ming) .
But with different logo (belong to Karbona) on it and with build-in massage-magnetic balls (so weird) weight 180gram

Here is the picture

Weight 180gram

Another one which is red , it may not fit Strida but fit my another folding bike, Giant Halfway .

Side by side


Never before heard of something like that…vvery odd indeed

This saddle looks (the one with balls) like blb aero saddle ripp off