ride hight

Dear all,

Today i offered my girlfriend a ride on the Strida. The Brooks leather seat was a bit too high for her and she did not enjoy it at all. So i wanted to lower the seat hight a little. Have all four bolts removed now, The metal clamps are completely loose,i can feel that, but no vertical movement at all? any suggestions??

Greetz from The Netherlands


Hi RoB,

please refer to the Strida 5.x manual found here:

Page 8: You have to remove the clamps, pull apart the halves of the seat molding, then you are able to move the molding up or down.

Please make sure to fully understand the function of the seat pin!
(Part 326-03 or 378)

What’s the temperature today in your town? :slight_smile:

B. r.

Thnx, a lot of work to simply adapt the ride hight… :wink:
Culemborg, Holland is 5 Celcius today… brrrrr

Respect for riding at 5 degrees… :open_mouth:

Well I ride in negative temperature very often here in Geneva.

Luckily my commute time is pretty short (around 10 to 15 minutes).

love riding in Genf too;) we have had an appartment in Bern for some years…Would love to g there again.

Yes Geneva is a nice city to ride in, relatively flat and bikes are allowed in most of the bus lanes…

One thing to be careful about though: the rails for the tramway ! It happened to me once that my front wheel got stuck in it, and I did exactly like in this video:

youtube.com/watch?v=DA3BNAgZ … re=related