Report from short interrail with strida

Ok, so a small report on my recent interrail trip with a strida evo as my workhorse in between trains. I really loved it!

Travelled from Oslo to Hamburg, from Hamburg to Lyon, and the same way back. My goal was a conference in Lyon where I stayed four days. Got my strida ready just the night before leaving, so this was my first time riding a strida ever…

In short: I loved it! It took some time getting used to riding on the strida. Especially starting and stopping was a challenge. But then I started to master it. Climbing steep hills was actually easier than I thought, as I had read that stridas can’t climb. It’s not a bike I would bring to the Alps, by any means. But for urban transport it worked great.

I installed the sprung leather seat from Strida straight away, and I am glad I did. My butt told me it absolutely needed that amount of “sitting space” given the upright position, and it did smooth out some bumps. After a while I actually found the bike fairly comortable to ride.

Is it a fast bike? No.
Is it comfortable and cosy? Absolutely.

More importantly, it was a very practical bike - both for taking with me on the train, and for walking around when folded. I loved the train/bike combination. If I had two hours to spend somewhere, I could do a nice bike ride instead of just sitting at the station. At the conference in Lyon it was great to be able to do short bike rides in the morning, and to do sightseeing by bike and that way really get to know the city.

To be repeated!


Thanks for sharing your experience and good that you enjoyed the trip. I think riding Stida is just fun. How did you manage to take Strida with you on plane (did you use protected travel bag) ? And did you travel with Strida and a backpack only?
Wouldn’t renting public bikes/city bikes easier than carrying your own bike ?
In Finland, there are rack in trains where you can tie full sized bike to it. I don’t know if it is the same in other countries.

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Thanks for the questions, and sorry for not replying earlier!

Briefly: I did not take any planes (I try to avoid flying for climate reasons). I took the train all the way from Oslo to Lyon and back, two days by train each way. Lots of time for reading and working and resting. Best way to travel IMO :slight_smile:

Yes, strida and backpack only. One large backpack, but I put one small backpack into the big backpack. When biking around with the strida I strapped that small backpack to the luggage rack in order not to get sweaty on my back (it fit very nicely).

Concerning renting bikes: I don’t think it would have been easier, especially with this type of travel. Typical scenario: Arrive in Hamburg at 22.00 in the evening, next train leaves next day at 09.30. Having the strida with me made it possible to get up early and do a 1.5 hour sightseeing tour around the city, take a shower at the hotel and then jump on the train. Would have been much more difficult with a rental bike (would have to find a rental place the same morning, pay for the bike, give it back, etc - takes much more time!).

I also found it very handy to use the strida around town as a tourist, could just fold it and take it with me to cafes and shops, instead of locking it outside, being afraid it could get stolen, etc.

I agree, riding the strida is really fun! (now I just need to lose about 10 kg so climbing with the strida will get even easier… :sweat_smile: )