Replacing my tires with Schwalbe Big Apple - 16 x 2.00

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I have had my Strida 5 for about 6 years and the tires need to be replaced. I looked in these tires…Schwalbe Big Apple - 16 x 2.00. Since the original tires are 1.5 " in diameter I looked closely at the clearance to see if the extra 1/2" in diameter would be an issue. It seems that with an extra 1/4" on each side would be fine with at least 1/2" clearance on the rear rim. The front appears fine.

The belt has plenty of clearance and the fender is close but seems doable if not could be modified for the extra clearance.

So my question is a simple one. Will this tire fit on my rims without issues?

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Bill collected here some information about the Big Apples:

For my personal experience is the 2" tyre width exactly the border (in combination with the original rim). It should work, but minor issues may occur.

For several wider tyres (like Maxxis Hookworm or Hutchinson Greenville) are custom wheel builds (with wider rims) explicitly required.

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OK just purchased the tires and they fit perfectly. A small amount of clearance is enough and I like the way the tires feel on the road. Thanks for the redirect to Strida West. There was lots of information regarding the fitting but I don’t see the need to install their magnetic spacer. It seems to collapse just fine with no interference. Timothy

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