replacing brake cables???

How do you replace the brake cables on this thing??? help!!!

Changing inner cables is dead easy … unscrew at anchor near wheels pull out old inner from near levers then push isn a new cable (of same length or ideally longer with the fibres still bonded together at the ‘sharp end’).

Both Front and rear are easy to do If you can use the OLD cables to help the new ones in … just attach disconnect the old cable at the lower ends (ie next to wheels) , and tape a new cable to the old one and use the old one to pull the new ones thro’ with some help by both pushing and pulling the new cable will be thro’ easily.

If Changing the whole cable, inner and outer as part of a complete rebuild without old cables is more involved but start at the bottom hole and push up then lasso the end of the cables to pull them through the holes in the stem. Dont forget the neat spring around the rear cable as it goes accross the apex of the triangle … this stops wear when folding and steering !!