Replacement Tyres

Has anyone replaced their standard tyres with narrower, higher pressure ones?

Do Brompton tyres fit the Strida?


The ISO number on the Kenda Strida tyre is 40-305

But Bromptons are 349

so i guess not.

Here’s an American site with a list of 305 tyres.

I think the general consensus is one can’t go much over the recommended by Strida max’ pressure because of the plastic wheel design.

There are several widths in the 305 size. I’ve fitted Schwalbe marathons, but they don’t seem much more puncture resistant, although they wear less quickly. The maximum tyre size at the rear seems to be 47 * 305. Even a “Big Apple” tyre will fit at the front, but without mudguard, but not the back, because it fouls the belt.

I bought some “ATB duro” tyres recently from SJS cycles, & they seem quite good.


You need to upgrade to metal wheels before you can up the pressures or your tyres will just explode of the rims (especially in hot weather!!!)

Velorution said similar

TescoDirect sell the Tesco Activequipment 16" tyreand a Kenda twinpack
Neither state the ISO size, width nor psi
Customer Services were unable to tell me when I enquired

They do offer a 28 day refund but I don’t know if you have to pay return postage. (some items can’t be returned to a real tesco store)

Someone in Japan has modified the wheels of his Strida 5.0 from 16" diameter to 18" diameter.

My wife just mentioned it’s probably whatever the size is for children’s bikes :slight_smile:

Let us know what size they really are if you get them please James.

Asda also sells 16" tyres & tubes.

Thanks Amuro.

It would be nice to see a front or rear view so we could see how much clearance there is from the tubes.