Replacement seat mount

I have recently been given a second-hand Strida. It had been sitting in a shed for several years and needs a little TLC. I took it for a short test-ride and unfortunately there was a loud ‘crack’ and the plastic seat mount/bracket had snapped. Can anyone advise me what the part is officially called (that is, the plastic sleeve/bracket that goes around the frame and supports the saddle), and where I might buy a replacement? Many thanks, LisaC

Hi Lisa,

you’re looking - most likely - for the (elder) plastic seat molding.
It’s part 322 at page 14 of this document;
Strida manual,
could you affirm that?

And you’re sure that the rod, called seat pin, part nr.378 (or 326-03) is intact?
It must not be bent :smiley:

May I ask from which part of the globe you are?

Kind regards,


Hi Lisa, I can help you a with either the standard seat mount or the newer Quick Release seat mount. … at-molding

I think both will fit. I don’t have the standard mount on the website but I can add it if you contact me.

Kind Regards, Bill Wilby

Hi Chris and Bill,
Thanks very much for your help.
Yes, it’s part 322 that’s cracked - but I’ll need to check the seat pin too, as I don’t know if that’s bent or not. I’ll check and report back.
Thanks also for the manual - very useful.
I’m in NE Scotland - but happy to order from anywhere that’ll supply me the parts!
Best wishes,

Hi Lisa,

you’re welcome :smiley:

Fine, please check and tell us what you need, you’re more safe buying at Bill because I’m just a private. I couldn’t even say that the shipping would be faster inside of Europe :confused:

Short explanation for the seat pin: It is essential for preventing the seat of slipping (and turning) along the seat tube. But it is also very important that the clamps are tight; the seat pin alone can’t withstand the riders weight.

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