Replacement saddle doesn't fit exactly

Hi Guys,

I bought another saddle for my wife’s Strida 5.2. However, the two rails below the saddle don’t seem to fit the Strida’s seat mount exactly. Thus far I fitted the right side rail into the slot perfectly. However, the left rail is sitting on the edge of the slot but held in place by the bolt and the half circle washer. Any thoughts on whether this is going to be a problem?

Thanks guys.

Hard to judge without any photos. Did you try applying strong enough force to push the saddle rail into place?

Took a quick picture earlier

I tried to push it in as hard as I can. I’m guessing the rails are too wide?

Have you tried to drag it a little more back? How large is the distance to the frame?

I don’t use the standard saddle any more (thanks to the suggestions on the forum). But here is a picture: I dragged it back as far as possible.

I’ve been in that situation, and what I did was carefully tighten the bolt up to pull both rails in - and then unscrew the bolt (about 1/2 turn) so that there is no residual stress from the bolt.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I’ll give it a try later when I get home

Quick update. I tightened it further and all seems to be well. Thank guys.