Replacement rear brake disc for Strida LT?

Dear All, new member here, HI!
Does anybody know if there is any brake disc model from an independent supplier like Avid, Tektro etc, that would fit the rear wheel housing on Strida LT?
Unfortunately, the original Strida-branded brake discs are not available here in Poland at the moment and I need to replace my rear one rather urgently as it got twisted, is not 100% flat anymore and rubs badly against one of the pads causing the wheel to stop at some point when spinned freely.
Thanks in advance for your input:)

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Hello mihao,

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I personally don’t know about any matching disc for the proprietary profile at the Strida’s rear hub. It is possible to modify some rotors (as shown here, for example Dirty dog brake rotors), but that’s a bit tricky.
What about these:

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Thanks for your tips :pray:
Yes, I’ve read your post about Dirty Dogs brake rotors before, while searching the forum for any info on Strida brake discs. Unfortunately I’m a total *** at fiddling the file so as much as I can, I would try to avoid that path :laughing:
Yes, is an option, but a total of 50€ (30€ an item + 20€ shipping) looks no good :anguished:

Don’t the break disks on or fit to Your LT?
They offer international shipping.
I am located in Germany and i ordered parts for my new 2nd hand LT only yesterday.

regards: Klaus

Bill has still prices from way back then:
Strida Canada
Preconcerning shipping and customs you may save perhaps 15 €.
Out of curiosity, I’ve checked also the price here in Vienna (via Germany) and saw that the rotor would cost ~ 45 € (without shipping).:money_mouth_face:

KWie, sure they would fit.
But these are actually very basic discs that typically cost no more than 10€ from independant manufacturers. That is why I thought it would be reasonable to figure out if there isn’t any possible alternative. Cheers!

I know, I’ve almost ordered from him yesterday but held on to try and use your brains :wink:
Now I’m getting pretty sure I’ll get back to him…

Filing the inner six “ears” is not the problem, there is just patience required.
But to find somebody whose turning lathe is big enough to drill the inner diameter is not that easy :wink:

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My general thought is that as much as I totally adore the brilliant design and consequent usibility of Strida in an urban environment (use it daily, all weather conditions & seasons), what equally pi***es me off is that every single part is no less than triple as much expensive as regular ones and not interchangable with anything else…
There is a thread on this forum devoted to tyres for example… I can tell you, recently I went through 3 sets of various Schwalbe models for 16’’ composite wheels on my LT - guess what - NONE of them would fit properly. At first I thought those paricular tyres one after another were faulty but now I know this is not the case…
I’m not such a naive individual and I’m well aware that this strategy and business model is neither original nor rare nowadays, but still…urrrghh
Anyway - sorry for this off topic, have a nice day & safe ride everybody!! :wave: :handshake: