replacement pedals

Any good replacements for this? Preferably much better quality:
I still love my Strida but more and more I have the feeling it’s not really made for daily use. … 123923.jpg … 124017.jpg … 124101.jpg

Guess it’s not really helpful to tell you that you aren’t alone?

Strida 5.0 folding pedals not the best

But I think the above will apply to truly “high-milers” only…

Hmm seems I was lucky to do 4000km with them.

I ordered these: … _black.htm

Should be much better than the standard butterfly ones.
Took the black ones, then they fit perfectly with a matte black Strida EVO I’m planning on buying.
BTW anyone any idea from when it will be available from / Belgium ?
Or maybe I can still join some testing phase :smiley: I have an ideal challenging daily ride for that :smiley: