Replacement Parts For Strida 2

I am having trouble finding parts for my Strida 2 bike. I was buying them from AREAWARE in Columbus, Ohio, but their parts manager now tells me that parts for this model of bike are unavailable. I need the part by the handle bar that the ball fits into at the top of the “A” frame and I need the clip part that fits onto the spindle at the bottom or the “A” frame. Both parts are plastic and have worn. Any help with this would be much appreciated. I enjoy the bike and I don’t want to buy a new one right now, but this is what I am being told I need to do if I want to keep ridiing a Strida. He says that the new manufacturing company is no longer making parts for the older bikes. I live in the San Francisco bay area of California. Thank you for any information.

Hi edwardsnouffer,

did you ask Philip at: ?

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Thanks I’ll check out GUM.

I am new to the Strida bikes and have just purchased, what I believe to be, an MK1. Both pivots broke as soon as I mounted the bike. I am planning to machine some new parts out of aluminum. If your bike has the same parts, it wouldn’t be hard to make copies. However, the project will probably take me a while to get completed.

I will also be doing away with the original handlebars and switching it over to regular bicycle bars with a stem. If I can figure out a good upgrade for these crappy pivots, it sounds like it could be very helpful to a number of people. I really like the design of this bike, but those weak pivots sure bring them down in a hurry (literally).