Replacement part not found on the internet

I have a very very old strida, the one that has the two tubes conjoining in an actual plastic framin box, where it says ‘Strida’ with big bold yellow letters ( ) . That is precisely the part that went broken. Is there anywhere i could find a replacement part?

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Usually u can find also parts on ebay. You could also give this forum a shot: … ifieds.17/
It is a fairly big community and usually someone will have the parts you need. This has been my experience, at least.

Hello, guys.
I am prepearing my Strida for a next season and making it better after a previous owner.
I’ve already changed bearings in the front axle (quality bearings with 2RS index), now I want to change all other bearings: under the belt, and those ones, that are plugged into folding mechanism.
If you know the numbers of bearing, please, provide me with this information. I want to buy 2RS versions.

Hi Sergsinger,
you may refer to part numbers if terms are unknown.

I guess you mean the parts
100-03 – upper front tube bearing – 6802Z
100-04 – lower front tube bearing – 6803Z

You did know that here are blind bearing pullers required to retract these?

More info here –>
STRIDA MK3 PART 100-03 / 100-04

389 – snubber bearing - WC87008Z
Very odd sized, Strida specific bearing.

More info here →
snubber bearing not turning anymore

Yes, 100-03 and 100-04, but as I know, they must have different sizes.
Found, 100-03 - 6802, 100-04 - 6803. But it is not so easy to find 2RS versions.

The item, which brings more pain when searching, is WC87008. Can’t find it in my town.

About bearing for rear axle, is it what Strida uses: … -6002-2rsh

That’s what I wrote already at above linked thread.
Most likely you won’t find that size anywhere - except at Ming cycle.

No - front and rear are 6001 bearings.

Yeah, my mistake, thanks!
I have found all bearings, except 87008.

Is that bearing will fit like the old one?

No, that is another odd bearing :laughing:

As said, most likely you can find that very rare bearing size only at Strida stores:

I wonder what a genius started to use this bearing on Strida… :blush:

At least it is not that expensive and commonly easy to obtain via the local Strida dealer.

There is one in your area - did you ask them?

I’ve seen it also in Germany, for a few Euro.

Well, Strida Netherlands prices can be…special…

They have it, but not a 2RS version. And suppose of not a great quality.

At that location where this bearing works there is high quality certainly not required - for a flawless function.

What advantage are you expecting of a “better” bearing?
Just more lifetime?

It works in the dirtiest place of Strida construction and I suppose it must be protected.

I think there is just one way to reach that target - that must be complete re-construction of the roller part.
Using a smaller sized, standard and high quality bearing plus another part (spacer) to get the required dimensions would be a feasible solution I believe.

Yeah, 6082RS plus kinda spacers and bingo)