Replace front and rear calipers with hydraulic ones


I’m thinking about replacing my front original caliper and 160mm disk with an hydraulic one and a 180mm disc.

I found this thread : viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3336&start=0&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&hilit=calipers

Several questions and thoughts :

  1. The durit

Is it possible to introduce the durit inside the tube?
Actually, there is a strong turn inside the tube beetween the front tube and the bracket.
I think hydraulic durits can’t be bent as strong as classical durits for mecanical brakes.

If not possible, I’ll abandon the project because I don’t want to have a durit outside of the tube (bad look :confused: )

  1. The space beetween caliper and spokes

It seems there is enough space on the front wheel. It’s not the case at the rear.
On my moutain bike I have shimano SLX calipers, I would like something like that to have the same kind of brake pads.

  1. The power of the brakes

The idea is to take benefit of a better power, and to ruin the pads slower.
Indeed, I noticed that the front pads of original calipers are ruined quickly : mine had a life of 1500 kilometers.

I just replaced them with brake authority hayes GX2 pads.
There is another problem with original ones : if you want to use them fully until the end, the tuning on the handle and on the caliper are not enough… You need to loosen the wire bolt on the caliper, and to adjust.

With hydraulic calipers, more efficiency I think, and with 180 mm disk less heat because more area! So longer life, right ?

Do you think it is a good idea ?




Strida original front rotor diameter is 140 mm - so you need first an IS + 40 mm adapter, that’ll be no problem I believe.

  1. Durit means brake hose
    That should be possible, just like normal ones.
    But expect a little mess with the oil filling.

  2. Just a matter of the caliper’s shape.
    (Rear is special case due to mirrored caliper.)

  3. Huh - Power?? :open_mouth:
    You want to fly faster over the handlebar? :laughing:

Of course you’re right with the heat, there must be a lot more surface.
For longer life I’d also try all available pad types; I think it were at least four…

Hmm…why not try?

I’m still planning to put a full hydraulic one together, but I need to create a mirrored adapter before…


I made actually a mistake : I was meaning upgrading to 160 disk (just one size upper than the original).

I’m very interested in testing this project.
Probably next year.

I hope the oil filling and durit cutting is not too hard to make.
Generaly we find already filled kits including handle/durit/caliper, all joined and ready to use.
Will have to disconnect the durit to introduce it in the tube and the reconnect.

There is disconnectable systems but I think the end elements which allow disconnection will be too big to be introduced in the tube. Will have to work with a raw durit.

Forgot to login…
Yes, the rear caliper in mirrored.
If you find a solution for yourself, I will be interested in a feedback, in order to plan to have a full hydraulic strida too :sunglasses:

You plan to produce by yourself this kind of element ?

Do you have a special competence ? :smiling_imp:

I don’t think that the oil filling process is difficult, just messy.

Of course I’d like to work with standard parts, but so far I couldn’t find something matching out of the box.
I’m afraid there will be no alternative than to produce such an adapter by ourselves.
Unfortunately I don’t own a big machine park, sawing and filing has to be done manually.
But 10 mm Aluminium “sheet” - which could be the base material - isn’t that hard to handle.

Not really, but I’m talented in everything mechanical - that’s what people are telling me.
Special perhaps my mistrust… :smiling_imp:
Let me tell you a story regarding this:
Back then I’ve asked Shimano (German and Austrian department) if it’s suitable to run their calipers in reverse.
At their first messages the said yes, no problem.
But the other day both Shimano departments contacted me again and told me not to do - note well; without giving a logical (technical) explanation!
Don’t get me wrong; I do respect security concerns, but I also want to understand them.
A while later I stumbled upon the rear brake of the IF Move;
this is a reversed caliper without any doubt:

That means one can run a (I believe these are Avid?) caliper in reverse, but not a Shimano caliper?
What do you think?

Interesting story!

  1. About reversed calipers

Yes the “IF Move” right caliper is clearly reversed… a 180° turn. The wire is coming from the rear.

What I think is that they (shimano) never tested their calipers in a reversed mode, so it’s enought for them to answer in a negative way.

They must cover themselves if there was a problem I think :neutral_face:

But technically I can’t explain rationnally that the reversed system could not work :question:

  1. About mirrored :

Interresting mirrored caliper :

  1. Same conclusions here - I’m sure that will work :wink:

  2. Indeed a very interesting sytem, requiring just a conventional IS adapter.
    As you said before; most of this systems are already filled and have to be separated for mounting.
    Guess you noticed it’s a dual system, one additional brake lever must be ordered, too.
    Btw, regarding order - obviously Tektro wants to sell the HD-E525 to OEM customers only…
    If we would want to get them we had to order them via a manufacturer -
    or we might try to contact Tektro directly.

And maybe the caliper is too large, it may touch the spokes on the rear wheel…

Another interesting point : it seems pads are the same as thoses for shimano XT/DEORE/SLX :question:
Moreover, the calipers and the end of the durits are very close to shimano ones…
Maybe shimano is a subcontractor !

I’ve just sent a message to tektro to ask if possible to buy only the mirrored caliper of the system.

The full system is sold here :

Yes, that’s possible - most likely it’s best to try with a sample.

Ah, I see - thank you!
They don’t speak of “OEM only” and it should be possible to buy an extra left brake lever, I think.

I think it’s first required to check if theorically the caliper will or will not touch the spokes.
Maybe it could be required to upgrade to 180 rear disk to make the distance beetween spokes and caliper bigger. :bulb:

Did you already study that? I think so when you studied the reverse rear adapter ! :slight_smile:

That’s what I meant before, we can’t rely on drawings - we need to check physically.
I’d avoid changing the rear disc, it has an uncommon, proprietary connecting profile, refer to this post Dirty dog brake rotors for details. Usual rotors either don’t fit or have at least to be modified to fit.

I did, back then and another time right now.
(Noticed that the older check was made with 16 inch wheels, these are of course different from 18 inch ones.)
However, I’m sure that it is really close, but the Shimano XT caliper would not touch the spokes.
No idea for the Tektro ones…

Meanwhile I’ve thought also again about the mounting angle of the reversed caliper.
I mean the adapter will be much more robust if it would be straight - and not angled.
That seems possible (in my personal imagination) but I need some time to verify that.

Another thing which I forgot to mention before:
Did you notice that the Tektro brake has some interesting features, too?

  • Park lock with a little extra lever
  • Electric contact for combination with Pedelec

Yes, it seems really better not to have something angled.
To think about… :bulb:

I did not notice!
Actually very interesting feature.
It make it possible to remove the 2 wrist-straps which could be dangerous when riding.
And it is more simple to use.

Hum… more and more interesting :sunglasses:

And there is also a version with left lever existent:

Theoretically, we need:

  • 1 Auriga left lever kit
  • 1 Auriga right lever kit
  • 1 extra left lever
  • 1 extra right lever
  • 2 wire cutters
  • 2 bleeding kits

to get two complete brake sets (without adapters) for just ~ 500++ Euros… :confused:

I mean you’re totally right, this little park lever is actually a really nice feature

Hmmm…main priority question: Do the caliper(s) fit on Strida wheels or not?

So 250 per strida, it’s quite expensive!
If it is possible to buy only the mirrored caliper, it could be less expensive to buy it separately and then levers, hose, and front caliper from shimano.

Yes. I wait for the reply of tektro to know if possible to get the mirrored caliper alone.
Another possibility : buy a kit, test, and if not possible to adapt, ask for refound and send it back to vendor.

I’m afraid buying that special spare parts separately will make them even more expensive.

But of course I’m curious for a reply from Tektro…

To buy you would need a company which has it in stock - did you find any?

Did you see this?
Perhaps you ask also there and I try (via my bike-dealer) to get in touch with the German Tektro distributor Hartje.

That’s a risk. I already got an answer from tektro : they asked me more info about my need, because they did not understand why I wanted only a right caliper. I’m surprised they don’t know the strida !! :mrgreen: So maybe a positive answer to anticipate. I’m waiting for their price.

At the moment, I did not find a company that has the caliper alone in stock. Maybe tektro will have some.

You found a nice tektro site in France. Thanks, I just sent them a french email :sunglasses:

Big surprise - I didn’t expect them to answer that quick :smiley:
Several companies, just like Ming cycle, do not really like to speak with customers…

The link is actually from the Tektro site you posted :laughing:

Hello. I’m really interested in the second pair of brakes (if you can buy 2 pairs with extra levers). That was the reason why few months ago I didn’t have success with this, i just could’t get from anywhere an extra (left or right) lever :frowning:

and thank you.

Hello joeadrian,

sunkist-evo3 and me would like to check first if the mirrored caliper will fit.
We are planning to order just a single caliper to Europe asap.

Either I’ll forward you the contact details and you try yourself - or you are patient :laughing:

patient is my second name :slight_smile: