repalcing grasps for magnets

Hi All,
I bought a Strida MK1. Struggling with folding and unfolding. Is it possible to replace the wheel grasps for Magnets of later models?

Hi JK,

theoretically, that must be feasible.

Just in practice it isn’t so easy because MK1 and actual versions do have different wheel bolt sizes. You would need a custom solution plus a few new parts, and possibly some (custom) spacers.

Alternatively, you could try to “re-print” the original parts, I could imagine that different filaments (PLA, PET/PETG, CPE, Carbon fibre reinforced Nylon etc.) would affect the connection strength massively - or in other words; it must be possible to adjust the strength to your liking - by using any 3D printer. :wink:



Thanx Chris, I will compare the options.

No problem, always at your service, please do let me know if you need anything.
(I personally have both options - but I’ve never tried that before.)