Repairing MK1 Top Joint Plastic Moulding with Epoxy

I bought a second hand MK1 which has fracture in a top joint plastic moulding last week.
Althought there have been sophisticated mechanical repairing suggestions from other
contributors e.g. Bob, I may try a rather simpler way like using super glu or epoxy for
repairing. I would like to know the material details of the MK1’s top joint plastic moulding
since epoxy may not work for certain materials such as polyolefin (eg. PE, PP) or chloride vynil.
Is there any one who knows on the details or experienced repairing with epoxy?

Many thanks

Why don’t you contact Strida Europe, Mark Sanders, or even Ming Cycle for a spare set ?
Or look out for a wreched Mk1 or Mk2 on ebay - which as good top mouldings ?