Repair Strida 3.0 in the Netherlands

Hello everyone,

I have a situation with my Strida 3.0 where I need to change the crank freewheel. I don’t own any tools myself so I was thinking that I’ll get help from a bike repair shop, but I’m not sure which one.
Does anyone have any tips on good shops in the Delft/ Hague/ Rotterdam area that are used to handling Stridas?


Hello tilasandin,

I think that every experienced bike mechanic should be able to repair/maintenance a Strida.
Of course it might be possible that she/he will need some additional info for certain details,
unfortunately very less mechanics are using the info pool of our forum :frowning:
However; I mean also that your primary problem wont’t be to find a mechanic - your actual issue will be to find replacement parts!
Several Strida 3 parts aren’t any longer in production.

Good luck,