Removing mudguards on LT

Hello All!


I’m really new here (new Strida LT too!) and I was wondering if anyone could instruct me on removing the stock plastic mudguards on the LT please? I’m sending it to a friend to have wooden fenders riveted to them :slight_smile:

I assessed the setup and it seems I have to remove the wheel to remove the mudguards. Is that correct?

I’m trying to avoid removing the wheels so any tips / advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Just deflate your tires flat, from that point you should be able to loosen the screws a bit to then just pull out the fenders. Dont bother removing the screws entirely, once you pull the fenders out just tighten them back on. That way it keeps the holes covered from dirt and water.

Cool! Thanks Edd! Why didn’t I think of that!!

Much appreciated!


My experience on this is that it is almost too easy to remove them.

I was walking with the bike folded the other day and somehow managed to catch the cuff of my jeans on the front mudguard. The fabric pulled against the mudguard, and the mudguard just slipped off. I guess the bolts weren’t fully tightened at the factory. I checked the rear mudguard and it is the same way. They’re on well enough they don’t just jump off or anything, so I’m leaving them that way for the time being.

Triangle Man

Guess you’re right! :unamused: