Reflecting Frame Protection DIY

Hello to all,

here is the “Strida nightsuit” :smiley:

Using Grandma’s old “Singer” sewing machine, some waterproof fabric, a lot of reflective stripes and hook-and-loop band, interesting frame protector straps can be easily produced.

(daylight, no flash)

(daylight + flash)

Most of the straps are detachable via the velcro, except those on the saddle bag.

(daylight, no flash)

(daylight + flash)

The big strap shown on the left pedal has two functions:

  1. It fits the right trouser leg (including ankle - driving status) and
  2. holds the handlebar halves together (in folded status).

(daylight, no flash)

Weight is unimportant, these are 12 single parts:

One more, with flash:

Fabric, band and stripes are cut to size with a “hot-knife” (gas-powered soldering iron with special tip - a cable version will do), then simply sewn together, similar to the original Strida frame protectors.

A few more, bigger pictures are here:

Opinions welcome!

Awsome :exclamation: :sunglasses:

Thanks amazing effect ! :smiley:

Chris linked this thread to me to show me how to sew a strap to hold my folded Strida LT together.

Because my little black pony enjoys it to unfold itsself at the most unfavourable moments. Like, me entering a train or stepping on moving stairs.

Chris’ design is fantastic. Velcro and stylish webbing put together makes a great effect.

But then there’s my steam punked Strida … looking like the caricature of an old Dutch bike with its black frame, brown leather saddle and the exaggerated wide touring handlebar … and me not being a sewer but a hobby ribbon weaver (I know some dirty Japanese hacks to tie them threads^^) … but being lazy as f*** …

So I fear I will end up with simple black shoelaces to prevent my Strida from self-realisation in public transport. :blush: