Recommendation for a Strida friendly repair stand

So far I have done all repair duties while my Strida lying on floor sideways or upside down. Getting old this is not fun and now I consider handy repair stand with highest priority on easy one-hand mounting. After lot of googling and youtubing highest on my list at the moment is Park Tool PCS-4-1. This would be the cheapest stand accepting the very attractive clamp.

I wonder if anyone of you have seen what kind of repair stand is used in bicycle repair shops taking care of Stridas? My concern is how well Strida’s ball joint will handle the weight.

According to my local bike shop mate the most bikestands with this or similar construction should be suitable for Strida bikes.

Regarding the occuring forces I’m pretty sure that those in the bikestand (static) are meaningless in comparison to the dynamic forces during riding and pedaling, I think there’s no need to worry :wink: