Rear wheel bearings for Strida?

Hi all-

I recently purchased what I think is an original or gen 2 Strida, which I hope to keep in the trunk of one of my old cars for use during car shows. The previous owner reported an issue with the rear wheel, and while tearing it apart I’ve discovered a bad bearing. Is there a place that still has these bearings in stock, or will I need to buy an entire wheel to fix the problem? It appears to be P/N 437 on a parts book I found online, and both wheels appear to use the same bearings… correct?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Hello Bret,

you wrote “P/N 437” - so you refer to the Strida 3 series manual.
As far I know it’s not impossible to find spare parts for Strida 3, but it will be difficult, the harder - or even impossible - for older versions.
Please consider that 1 and 2 versions were built before ~ 2002!
As the part number 437 is different from the actual 5 versions (449) I’d suppose that the bearings are not identical.
However, could you measure inner and outer diameter and width of your bearings?
Front and rear wheel bearings are equal on 5 versions - according to the part numbers on 3 versions, too.

And it would be great to see your Strida, maybe we can identify it… :smiley:


If its a Stria Mark 2, then I would suggest to look in the bicycle-sector for suitable berings: from Mark 3 onwards they used closed roller-bearings!

If its a Mark 2, then I suggest to look in the bicycle sector for suitable bearings (or get a Mark 1 spare wheel), from Mark 3 onwards roller-berings have been used…

Hi, all-

I took Chris’ advice and measured the bearing:

  • Outer: 24mm
  • Inner: 13mm
  • Height: 7mm

I found a size in current use that’s just 1mm shorter (24x13x6), but should fit the wheel. It seems to be currently used in remote-controlled car applications. While there were ceramic versions, I went with the basics and ordered from Amazon: … +6+bearing

I’ll let you all know how it goes when they come in.



Hi Bret,

this bearing is definitely not replaceable with actual used parts:
Nowadays are the standard type 6001RS (28x12x8) installed.

Another 3 version bearing was already posted here
Changing wheel cartridge bearings
interesting that the given size is different to your results (?).

Yes and no…please be careful!

If you want to use these narrower bearings note that you also must use a longer bearing spacer to balance the missing two millimeters!!

Please refer to part nr. 337 of the drawing or page 25 of the strida 3 manual.
Don’t even think of skipping this tube…
(As this is just an aluminium tube of certain size it should not be a big problem to create a clone which is exactly 2 mm longer.)

Hopefully you’re familiar with bearing extractor tools and their handling :wink: