Rear Rack

I have a question about the rear rack that installs in the bottom of the seat. In the Strida pictures I’ve seen, the rack can “fold up” where the back of the rack is touching the bottom of the seat? My rack can’t do this. It won’t stay “up”. It just falls down. I can’t really tighten the screw that holds the rack either because when I try to tighten it, the bolt on the other side starts to strip the plastic fitting. Is this normal? Thanks for any info.

Hi Eric,

I’ve forwarded your case to the customer service of Here is the reply: :stuck_out_tongue:

once the bolt hole is stripped, you have to improvise with was to freeze bolt. you can try sticking small metal shims (coke can?) in there.

you can also try to get a new rack from the local distributor.

strida customer service