Rear disk brake wearing fast on 5.0

I’ve been riding my Strida for just over a month and I’ve already had to adjust the brakes once to put the pads in closer on the rear disk brake. The front brake is still fine.

While I do have a long, gentle downhill stretch on my daily commute, I can assure you that I don’t “ride” the brake, I use it very sparingly.

I have never had disk brakes before, so maybe I’m missing some trick when it comes to adjusting them correctly. Does anyone have any suggestions for me about how I can adjust them to ensure the best balance between effectiveness and longevity?

On these brakes, do you have one moving pad or two?

My advice would be to make sure that the brakes are correctly adjusted (both pads near the disk, but not actually rubbing except in the tiniest way if the disk isn’t completely perfectly flat.

Once the brakes are adjusted, you will occasionally need to readjust. In a brake set up with a fixed and a single moving pad, if both pads are not properly adjusted close to the disk, you will have a lot of brake lever pull involved in simply moving the pad up to the disk. This will make it necessary to keep making adjustments because most of the brake lever movement is being wasted anyway and only the last bit is applying the brakes.

My advice is to make sure they are adjusted properly like I describe in my post to the guy who said he accidentally bought a fake strida on ebay and had trouble with the brakes.

I’ve had my 5.2 for six month, and I commute some 8 km daily.

My rear break pads wore out quickly.

When I replaced them a few days ago, I tried to do everything right.

So far, so good…

Just remember that for bicycles, the front brake contributes 60-80% of the total braking force if you press both brakes at the same time. So use rear brakes to reduce speed and front brakes to stop. Alternatively, might be a good idea to try another kind of brake pad?

I got four new pads from Strida Europe. Does the size have a name so that one can search for replacement pads elsewhere in different qualities?

The winter is all over us in Copenhagen/Malmö at the moment, and just like the last (and first) Strida winter, the rear break pads wear out quickly :cry:

I therefore repeat the question aforementioned: could one get (more durable) replacement break pads for the Strida 5.x?

Comparing the shapes (pictures from the Strida shop) I found the Hayes MX2/MX3 and MX4.

Haven’t verified it so far.

Now, that’s some impressive googling! Thanks!

I find that my rear brakes have lasted a lot longer since I changed my braking technique and started using the front brake to slow down and the rear brake for the final stop. Note that this runs contrary to the advice of sdchew earlier in this thread, so YMMV!

Here is an article written by the late Sheldon Brown about braking and turning technique.

However, I don’t know whether the braking technique recommended by Sheldon Brown is suitable for Strida or not due to the short wheelbase of Strida. :unamused:

I guess you like to make more rapid slow downs? If so, the front brake is more suitable. Just remember not to jam it too hard or else you might end over. :stuck_out_tongue:

I visited the LBS (which is an official strida dealer also) today and asked for strida brake pads. They told me that they are out of original pads and gave me hayes MX2 pads instead =)

So yes, hayes MX2/MX3/SOLE pads are compatible with strida brakes. Officially =)

Thank you very much!

Good news.

Note that BBB does also make replacement brake pads for the Hayes MX2: BBS-47

Jagwire makes them as well: DCA052 They are 35% cheaper than the Hayes and the BBB pads but are maybe less wear resistant.

Other manufacturers of these pads: Kool Stop, Goodridge, Nukeproof and probably some more.

That’s good to know.

Many thanks for your research, Bietrume!