rear disc rotor replacement / alternative

My rear disc rotor got bent because of some play in the rear wheel and a weared snubber. My belt ran off and was caught between rotor and caliper.
However all things are solved except for the rotor. Is there a standard rotor which fits on the rear wheel straight forward?
Otherwise I have tot wait 6 tot 8 weeks…

Hi Pablo, If you are in Mexico then I have updated my website shipping to Mexico, I can now ship to Mexico with small packet air, 6 to 10 days. Have you solved the problem with the rear wheel that caused the looseness?

Regards, Bill

No, unfortunately not standard, some can be modified, but that’s tricky - to see how jump here:
Dirty dog brake rotors

Damn, no. I am not gonna make that. I am living in the Netherlands and already contacted VANMOOF. They have to order it and will take 6-8 weeks.

I already found the other topic, therefor I am asking for a standard rotor. Probably I just will have to wait.

Excuse me, but our intention here is to help you - so I think it’s not suitable to swear at your 2nd post :confused:

If you want to talk seriously - for example about Vanmoof - you’re welcome to reply,
otherwise, I think I’m going to delete the whole thread…

You might also register to speak in privacy.

Hi Pablo, sorry I confused you with a customer I have in Mexico! I ship to the Netherlands and small packet air is also 6 to 10 days. I have taken no offence with the word Damn.

cheers, Bill

Sorry, didn’t want to offend anyone. Just wanted to say I am not living in Mexico.
I am very happy with Vanmoof, they just don’t have the part in stock right now.
So your help is still wanted and already helpful.

By the way, what are the shipping costs from Canada to the Netherlands?

Hi Pablo, the shipping costs range from 12.00 cdn to 45.00 cdn depending on weight. The rear brake disk would cost 12.00 cdn or about 8 Euros.


Thanks Bill!
Just placed an order :smiley:

Well, apologizes also from here :smiley:
(Guess I’m reading too much at German forums, sorry…)

That’s what I’ve meant before - you were just speaking to the wrong people… :smiling_imp:

Have a safe ride!