Rear bearing play

Hey guys.
Can anyone tell me if this part is still available somewhere? It’s the bearing at the back.
It has some play, some movement, and it makes a little grinding noise … don’t like that. :cry:

I will post some pics of the bike tomerrow. Don’t know exactly what type it is.

Hi, yes that part is available, the freewheel I stock is aluminum and not plastic.

One thing is that the brake disk doesn’t look like an older Strida to me, and your freewheel is made in China. Could that be a fake Strida?

Cheers, Bill

Also, it’s highly suspicious that the shown freewheel doesn’t have the ususal four (eight) notches for the BMX tool - but there are two little holes instead of.

I guess there will be a good chance that an original freewheel does not fit :unamused:

:imp: :imp: :imp: You 're right. It’s a fake ! ! ! :imp: :imp: :imp:

Hmmm … definitely NOT going to keep it.

But i don’t want to sell anything that has an issue, so i want to fix it.

Can someone take measurements of the Original ^plastic freewheel? So i can check if an Original plastic freewheel would fit? I would be very greatful.

As i am getting really in love with the Strida concept, i am thinking of selling the fake and the MK1 and get me a new one.

I need the largest frame available, largest tire size and i do want gears. Suggestions what type?

Thanks a lot guys. Soon pics of the ‘chocolate MK1’ … almost ready … :wink:

What kind of measurement do you mean?

The original freewhel has a common (but still weird) pulley thread size,
(which I could tell exactly…once I’ve found that f… info…)
but are you able to verify a thread pitch like 14G, for example ?

Or did you already unmount the freewheel and want to know just the diameter?

There is just one frame size available in most countries.
(The Strida mini would be smaller, especially for shorter people, but it is very rare - particularly in Europe.)

I’d suggest 18" inch wheels, the type you may have a look at is the Strida SX

and perhaps you consider bent steering bars:

From which country you are, if I may ask?

Hi Guzzio, the threads on the Strida wheel that the freewheel threads on to are 35mm in diameter. As Blackstridaaustria has mentioned the largest wheels are the 18 inch but if you would like wider tires than the 16 inch alloy wheels are the only option. The 18 inch wheels don’t have enough frame clearance and with the plastic 16 inch wheels the rims are to narrow. This post on my site may help with an explanation of the different Strida models.

Cheers, Bill

Hey Bill, hey Blackstridaaustria. Thanks a lot for the info.

Did some measurements today.

Pic 1: outer diameter where the bearing gets turned on.
Pic 2: depth shaft.
Pic 3: depth shaft.

So the outer diameter is 35 mm. You guys think an original freewheel would fit?
appreciate your help on this matter!

From that little Belgium. :unamused:

Sounds like Chinese to me … :confused:

Hi Guzzio, I don’t have accurate measuring tools but I measure the depth of the threads on the wheel as 14mm, depth or inside measurement of the freewheel as 20 mm.


Depth 14 mm is correct, outer diameter of a new hub ~ 34,7 mm.
Furthermore I could verify the thread, using a thread pitch gauge:

According to this the thread is a 55° Whitworth thread, named 24G 3/16, 7/32

Actually the thread pitch is just a little bit bigger than 0,8 mm.