Re-inventing the wheel - is bicycling the future?


Re-inventing the wheel - is bicycling the future?

As cycling enjoys a renaissance, is our new found passion for the bicycle something that is putting us in danger on the roads or can delight be found in its simple charms? Have your say at this topical debate.

At the end of the last decade cycling had an image as a leisure pastime or a high performance sport. However, as the credit crunch bites and people look for new ways to save money and stay fit, the bicycle has once again become a desirable form of transport.

Our panel will debate the dangers presented in today’s city streets and how cycling is opening up new opportunities and pleasures to people who never thought they could live without their car. They will also examine the claim that cyclists have become the new menace for road users and pedestrians. The panel is a mixture of well-known, committed cyclists and cynics who believe that the bicycle has passed its ‘sell-by’ date.

This event has been funded by Renaissance London.

Event Details
Date: 5 October
start time: 18:30
Tickets £8 Adults, £6 Senior citizens, £4 students and concs

London Transport Museum, Covent Garden Piazza

How to book
Tel: 020 7565 7298 Book in advance.