Rattling noise... need new freewheel?

A rattling noise has developed on my Strida 5’s rear wheel. It appears when the wheel is rotating, pedaling or not. I suspect the freewheel but would love to hear your opinion. If it is indeed the freewheel, is replacing it the only option? Should I use the opportunity to upgrade to the new alloy freewheel?

I’d suspect a loose spoke. Try ‘pinging’ them all.

If it’s a rattling noise, it could be the large cup washer on the rear wheel; the one that couples with the magnet.
We fixed one that created a loud rattle by adding a rubber washer underneath it.

Hi savedbybikes, that sounds very interesting. Can you tell us a bit more details? I’d like to try it but am a bit wary about the magnetic “cup” losing its ability to rotate freely (need that to roll the bike when folded).

A thin rubber or nylon washer won’t affect the wheels ability to roll when folded. You want to install one just thick enough to eliminate the cups rattle.