Questions and ideas

Hi everyone,

Can you tell me exactly the diameter of the hole for the bottom bracket in the lower tube of the Strida LT?

I also have another question or idea:
Do you think it would be possible to use the eccentric adapter BB of the ATS speed drive to mount a standard bottom bracket, for example Shimano?
I don’t know what the diameter of the adapter hole is, if anyone has it, tell us and I think something could be done. … p142654160

Last question. My LT has a plastic/alloy BB, and I see there is an alloy BB, but some webs like says plastic is for LT and alloy for 5.x. Can I use alloy BB for my LT? Do you think it is better?

Thank you

Will be around 51,5 mm because the exzenter (BB)'s diameter is 51,3 mm at the flanges.

If that would be possible (I don’t know) then you’d still have the problem of missing width - the Strida BB’s are just around 58 mm wide, I guess (?)

Sure, you can use the alloy BB.
Yes, I do think so; never heard of a broken alloy BB, but plastic ones did break (occasionally).

There are just two items which separate a LT from an SX - these are the wheels and the excenter.

To avoid misunderstandings; the ATS excenter of your link from bikegang - this is a dual speed excenter and it fits only the ATS (or Schlumpf) speed drive.
Dual speed and single speed excenters are a bit different!