Questions about how to calculate spoke length when building wheels

hello. everyone
I live in Korea.
I ask questions using a translator.

I’m currently wanting to do some wheel building, but I can’t figure out the spoke length.

I’m using Kojak tires on 18-inch wheels, but I’d like to make 16-inch wheels with 18-inch hubs and use thick tires like the Big Apple.

It was said that LT wheels would cause interference if thick tires were installed.
So, I’m trying to build with a thick rim.

But I don’t know how to input the numbers into the spoke calculator.

I want to make the cross shape into 2 crosses, the same as the 18-inch wheels.

The thickness of the rim you want to purchase is 30mm, the inner diameter is 295mm, and the outer diameter is 320mm.
ERD information was not released.
Since we will be using an 18-inch hub, it is 36 holes.

Which spoke length, nipple length, and spoke thickness should I choose between 13G and 14G to mount on an 18-inch hub?

Hello bmxrida,

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Yes that is doable and it could look like below:

First of all, you must figure out the ERD of your rims - then you can calculate the spoke length.

Nipple length is a matter of taste for my meaning.
(But it can be used to save a build once the spokes got a bit too short, longer nipples may help in that special case.)

And spoke thickness - just use 2 mm (14G) standard spokes like Sapim Leader.

Hint: Use always two different spoke calculators and compare the results.
(What could be the problem to input a few numbers? :thinking: )



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Thank you for your reply.
Your articles are always very helpful in using Strida.

What you need to enter into the spoke calculator
Do you know the value of Strida’s hub?
On a site called Pro Wheel Builder.

Thank you very much :pray:

Gladly we can discuss your particular wheel build, I’d like also to guide you through the whole process.
BUT - please check all data and adjust it accordingly to your build (especially the rim’s ERD).
So, the following is an example of my version - which is certainly different from yours.

First, the important data of the hubs.
Please note that front and rear hubs are different regarding the width between the spoke flanges.

Strida hub data:
Flange Diameter 58,25 mm
Flange thickness 3,6 mm
Spoke hole diameter 2,85 mm
Front width overall 46 mm
Rear width overall 60 mm
Distance between left and right flange (front) 24,5 mm
Distance between left and right flange (rear) 27,3 mm
Rear center (distance from left edge) estimated 16 mm
Front center (distance from right edge) estimated 16 mm
Left edge to left flange (front) 18 mm (+1,8 mm*)
Right edge to right flange (rear) 29 mm (+1,8 mm*)
(*Some calculators want middle to middle, some want the edges, there is a lot of attention required!)

Did you ever build wheels before?
You need to know what “dishing” means.
(And how to measure it on a Strida wheel.)
Hint and warning in advance: Do not disassemble your wheels before measuring their “dish”!

I’m really sorry, but I can’t get along with the prowheelbuilder calculator, something seems not right, it doesn’t do what I want…I’ll try some other calcs to solve that tomorrow :nerd_face:

Btw; lacing two cross is overkill and not necessary for this small ERD and 36 spokes. But of course you can do that.
Anyway; I’ll proceed with my example which is laced in one cross pattern.

The next important thing is to find the position of the rim in relation to the hub. Or - in other words - we need to know about “dishing”, the offset of the rim related to the hub flanges. We could also say: How to find the middle of the rim.

That’s what I meant before; please check this yourself on your existing wheels:

  1. Measure the outer rim width (guess that should be something about 23, 24 mm on original 18" wheels).
  2. Place a steel ruler on the outside of each hub and measure the gap between rim and ruler - it will be about 3 or 5 mm (for example 4 mm).
  3. Add the result of step 2 to half of the rim width - and get the center this way. Let’s say your rim is 24 mm wide, so add 12 to 4 and get 16 - that is the distance to the center, at the rear wheel from the left edge and at the front wheel from the right edge away.

Showing the measuring method with a custom three cross pattern wheel - unfortunately I don’t have any original wheel set here right now :nerd_face:

For the final part, I’d really beg you to take a closer look at the Freespoke calculator
All you need to do is that:

  1. Adjust the ERD according to your rim (I’ve used an Alex Y 303 with ERD 303 mm)
  2. Are the spoke holes of your rim drilled offset or all in one row (like on my rims).
  3. Check the parameters of your wheels as mentioned above, especially the center/dish thing - this is at the same time the right Center-flange distance at the hub dimensions window!
    If we do so, we need just the flange to flange distance and subtract the center distance.
    Therefore, we have a left to center distance of 11,3 mm (27,3 - 16) for the rear hub and a distance of 8,5 mm (24,5 - 16) for the front hub.
  4. Check the rest of the parameters and adjust them to your situation.
    Finally click calculate and get what you want.
    The links below are valid for rims with an ERD of 303 mm and one cross spoke pattern.
    freespoke/Strida front18+ERD 303+1X
    freespoke/Strida rear18+ERD 303+1X

(I’m used to the, very old, software from machinehead, which you can see to the right at the screenshots. The results are close enough :face_with_monocle: )

Below, just a drawing of a 2 cross wheel:

Thank you very much for your detailed reply.

I am currently using 18 inch marathon racer tires.
The rear wheel is rubbing against the frame, but the rim is moved outward through wheel truing.

The reason I want to build 16-inch wheels with 36 holes is because I want a softer and more sturdy ride.

So, I have another question I would like to ask.

Currently I don’t know where to buy Y303 rims.
I would like to know where the rim was purchased and the spoke length according to the pattern.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 1 cross.

The second question is, how thick tires can be used based on the Y303 rim?
Can 16x2.125 tires be used without frame friction?

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I’m really sorry, but:
I had my 305er rims always from three different sources:

  1. One was in Germany, but it doesn’t exist anymore (retired).
  2. Ginkgo - Veloteile | Rims 16 Inch/305-349 mm | chain idler and more
    (Nothing in stock right now.)
  3. Polkupyörän etu- ja takapyörät - Wandamotor
    But they do not any longer sell single rims.

I can confirm that 16 x 2.0 Schwalbe Balloon works with fenders (no frame touching).
I can also confirm that 16 x 2,3 does not work (without trueing tricks) - the rear wheel will touch the frame definitely, at the front wheel it may/may not work.
I do believe that 16 x 2,125 will work (without fenders of course).

Thank you for your reply.

Thank you for the hub size and spoke calculator site, so I will try calculating with other rims.

Currently, the only rims I can get are those sold on AliExpress.
These rims have offset holes rather than straight holes.
I’ll have to give it a try.

This was very useful information.
Thank you.

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