I’ve managed to get three punctures in a month. :cry:
Are they are any hard wearing Strida compatible tyres I can change to? I’ve noticed that my route to work does have some glass on the road…
Any suggestions welcome.

You might get more puncture-resistance with Schwalbe Marathons. schwalbe.co.uk/c2-1073-schwa … athon.html The other advantage being that you can inflate them to a higher pressure, as you can see by the chart.


I’m using the Marathon Racer:

16" 40-305 16 x 1.50



I’ve got the exact problem with my Marathon Racers 40-305.

Unfortunately the puncture-free Marathon Plus (goo.gl/8eJs) doesn’t come in 35-305 (only 35-349 for 16").

This Monday, I received tubes and 18" Marathon Plus 35-355, and a few hours ago UPS delivered the Strida 18" wheels.

I haven’t touched anything yet, but expect to get everything in place this weekend.

… and be faster and puncture-free when commuting from now on!

I’ll let you know how it goes.

I Found the rim tape on 18" wheels was a bit narrow and the rim / nipple slots a bit sharp - I had a couple of punctures when new so I added a wrap of wider self adhesive tape, to position the rim tape and make it more effective. No punctures yet (in 8 months, with Kojaks).

Marathon, with its Kevlar Guard, is stronger than Marathon Racer.