Puncture resistant typres?

I’ve had 2 punctures in the last 2 months… so im looking to try some new tires.

Has anyone gone tubless, or does anyone use the puncture resistant tyres that are reccomended on the strida FAQ?


Has anyone tried these? Whats the difference between a puncture restistant tire and a normal tire?

Be nice to hear what you guys use!


I don’t think that I can be very helpful, but after I punctured my
tire within 10 days after buying my Strida, I replaced the tires
with Schwalbe Marathon 16". I’m riding for two months without
any problem.

Get a tire with Kevlar lining. Schwalbe features this reinforcement in most of their line. That’s a puncture-resistant tire. I’ve ridden Schwalbe Stelvios on my other bikes for over a thousand miles without a puncture. The Marathons should be perfect on the Strida.

At least ts easy to change tyres :smiley:

Yes, the mono-tube design of the Strida makes it easier for tube repair/replacement without removing the wheel but it still requires time and effort. A good Kevlar-belt tyre will postpone that necessity, though.

hi guys.

I can only seem to find the marathon in Size: 16 x 1.35

Will this fit? I thought the strida was a 16x1.5?

Anyone know a decent UK stockist?

its okay! found some 1.5’s


after a couple of weeks waiting for my tyres to arrive I call the shop asking where they are, and they tell me schwalbe have stopped making the 16x1.5!


Can anyone reccomend a different puncture resistant tyre, or know where i can pickup some schwalbes?

im desperate! living in East london around the bars and clubs means the streets are littered with broken glass. Im getting a puncture once a week at the moment!!!


Please help!!


Try Derek’s Cycles on e-bay

Hi. Inject some slime; designed for Mountain Bikes

I too have been looking for puncture resistant tyres. My current strategy has been to carry a spare tube in my back-back (along with pump) so that I can immediately address a blow-out. When I get home I immediately patch the blown tube and this then becomes the spare. So, after almost a year of Strida 5 ownership each tube (including the spare) has at least 4 patches… and the tyres are fairly torn up.

I did want to buy the slime, but was told by the guy at the local bike shop that this stuff will not work on high pressure tyres (even though I keep my tyres at only 55 psi).

The shop did not stock 16" puncture resistant tyres, but did offer puncture resistant tubes. Can’t imagine these being as effective, but perhaps offer a temporary alternative.

Here’s some news, guys - Tires and tubes are like underwear; you can only wash your shorts so many times. Every so often you must but new ones.