Puncture armour - in the Schwalbe Kojak

As a new Strida owner already having had a puncture.

I was wondering if this product

h.t.t.p.s://tannus.co.uk/product/armour_shop/ choosing the model 700 x 35-40c armour

That could be cut down in size and just glued with a little superglu - checked and now that to be done by Mountainbikers that cant get the right fit.

Do you geys know if it would fit in thikness and so on.


I’d recommend to ask directly a their page about glueing “Aither” - seems that there is a live chat available :smiley:

And regarding fit - did you notice that there is always a tube required which is one size smaller than usual?

Talked to them and gluing is done even by personel from the company. For smaller tires.
But havent noticed the part about a smaller tube.

Did they confirm that superglue is the correct glue?
Are you sure about the size of the armour?

This is the thinnest 355er tube I know: