Problem with the ball joint

Hi !

For a while i noticed that the ball joint on my Strida is cracked at the fitting quite much.
I brought it to the offical service but the problem havent solved yet.

Have you ever met an incident like that?
Please look at the pictures i’ve attached. … cf2889.jpg

I dont think that is a crack, its just the 2 halves of the ball socket. Unless the ball is really loose, I’d guess its normal. Unless you (or someone else) have tried to do the neck break fold (… or … like breaking a chicken wishbone) :wink: ie force apart the front and rear tubes, to force the ball to pop out.

Yeah, mine looks like that too. Normal, I think!

That joint is present on mine but not gapped like that. It is rather tightly butted closed. Maybe your ball joint was stressed apart somehow but I’m not sure that is the case or that the gap indicates a some problem. What does Strida say?

Chainstrainer, check your ball crack again when you are pedalling hard uphill. You will find it naturally opens up a bit under load, then closes when the “pressure is off”. I think that is normal.