Problem with handlebar lock button

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Sorry for my approximate english, i am french.
I went through the forum but with my approximate English, I found nothing to help me

I have had a Strida bike for 3 years already and I am very happy about it.
Small problem this morning, one of the two buttons used to lock the right handlebar no longer works.
It is apparently detached from the part that acts as a spring.
Do you know how to fix it?

Thank you in advance for your insights;

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Well, I’d guess that the spring is broken (?)

To check that, you have to loosen the bolt (262) in the center of the steeringbar lock lever (215-06).
Then, with a little wiggling of the bars, the clamp will open (more), after that you can pull the bars out of the frame.
Strida 3 exploded drawing (page 19 of the manual)

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Tkank you very much Blackstridaaustria !!!
And thank you for your welcome.
This forum is full of great informations.

I’ll look tonight. I see more clearly.
Is it possible that the spring has simply come out of its place, or is it sure that it must be broken ? (I saw that one could buy it for 12.4 euros (1 set of 2 springs with buttons)

Thank you very much, I’m glad that you like the forum :smiley:

Of course that is possible, too - I could not tell without having your bike in hands :slightly_smiling_face: so I wrote “check” (and see yourself).

You will find a small brass rod at the inner end of your steering bar.
It is perhaps required to remove it to fix the spring/button.
If you must remove it, please be very careful - make small marks at the brass rod and on the steering bar and install it exactly in the marked position again.
One end of the rod has tiny serrations while the other end does not have them.
You need to knock it out from the non-serrated side and insert it also with the non-serrated side first.
Once the rod is installed again, make sure that the protruding ends are equal long.
A tiny drop of thread locking compound on the serration will keep it in place in future.

I am going to check that !

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With a (steel) wire hook you should be, most likely, able to relocate button/spring and also install new buttons - without removing mentioned brass rod. (From the outside of the steering bars, after removing the bar end plugs.)

Thank you very much.
I disassembled last night and it is the spring that is broken.
I’ll buy something to replace it




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Ah I see, thanks for the images!
I’d recommend the newer version, made of two parts (Bietrume linked to them already at velo-pliant forum).
Small disadvantage of the new version: The thread has to be glued with thread locking compound.
Advantage: Much more convenient than the old “thumb breaker” style.

Thank you, I’m not sure I understand you when I try to translate
I’m thinking of buying this, is that what it takes?

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