Presta inner tubes?

Hi guys! Spring has finally come even to Moscow – today I cycled to work first time this year :sunglasses:

I want to switch to Kojaks from my stock Innovas. Thinking about switching also to Presta valves which I generally like more than the standard automobile valve. Anyone done this before? Is there a Presta pump (i.e. the one without hose) that will fit into the small space between those closely set spokes in the Strida’s 18" wheel?


Hi cubicapple,

no problem, the correct Schwalbe tube identification is “SV 4” btw.
The Schwalbe Presta (or Sclaverand) tubes are equipped with a valve stem nut which has a stepped shoulder to fit the (bigger) valve stem hole of the original Schrader rims.

For example Genuine_S is using this valve, also myself on the 3 cross wheels.

If you choose a Schrader - Presta adapter like these:

it should be possible that you use your existing pump, I mean?

Thank you BSA! I have ordered Kojaks and Prestas. As for the pump – one of the reasons for switching to Prestas was to be able to use my excellent SKS pump that I currently use on my road bike. Not sure it will fit between Strida’s spokes though – unless I re-spoke it to 3-cross of course :wink: Anyway, I’ll have a choice between Schraders and Prestas – will see then. Thanks again!