Hi all,

I’m Pedro and I’m from Lisbon, Portugal.
3 weeks ago I bought my Strida LT Matte Orange. Despite I didn’t have a chance of trying the bike before buying, my biggest fears were not confirmed.
In these 3 weeks I’ve done 300kms and overall I’m very happy with the bike.
I will report bellow my short experience.
Strong points:

  • Unique design;
  • Good gear ratio;
  • Kevlar belt riding softness;
  • Driving position.

Weak points:

  • Very uncomfortable saddle (my longest ride was 30kms and it was really painfull, but I will not give up and I will try to increase the riding distance :smiley: );
  • The original wheels (16") limit the choice of tires;

Some topics of my interest that I would like to know if there are already on this forum:

  • Best must have accessories?
  • Possible tires for the original wheels?
  • Best way to reduce weight in strida?

Thank you all

Hi pedro,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

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But it’s no problem for a mod to assign your posts to your account (by IP check) :smiley:

Have a safe ride,


From my, mainly technical painted opinion, it is a small, cheap plastic part - the plastic clip:

It will help to save the rear joint, the Strida’s Achilles heel.

Well, that depends on your demand, do you mean something practical or more just bling-bling?

I like to have a small bag with me:

For the 16" LT plastic wheels I’d recommend NOT to use tyre widths above 47-305.
This size is exactly the border - you may/may not have some trouble while mounting.

On the 16" metal spoked wheels are the rims a bit wider, that means one can use wider tyres - even above 2" width.
But that again works with certain tyre types only - for example the Schwalbe Balloon.

Unlimited tyre width can be achieved only by changing the rims to wider ones - that means custom wheels, examples below.

Contrary to 18" (355) Strida wheels you have for 16" (305) much more tyre choice.

On your plastic wheels I’d recommend to try these sizes:

16 x 1,25 (ETRTO 32 - 305) Not checked!

16 x 1,35 (ETRTO 37 - 305) Not checked!

16 x 1,50 (ETRTO 40 - 305) Fits 100%

16 x 1,75 (ETRTO 47 - 305) May/may not fit - problems have to be expected.

16 x 2,00 (ETRTO 50 - 305) No way!

While searching for tyres please be careful to avoid confusion; always take note of both numbers of the tyre label; the inch size AND the ETRTO number.
Here an example; maybe you find a tyre 16 x 1,35 but ETRTO 37 - 349 - do not buy that one!

Due to the presence of many proprietary parts is the weigth reduction generally a challenging task on a Strida.

Chances are these for example:

  • Brake Levers (The bar clamps are standard sized, easy to find and change)
  • Hand grips (Foam will be the lightest - but also less comfort.)
  • Saddle (Caution; many saddles do not fit due to the shape of the Strida seat molding. There is an original lightweight version available.)
  • Steering bars made of Carbon.
  • Replacing all bolts by Titanium versions doesn’t save that much weight.
  • Some freaks combine extra light 18" rims with 16" hubs to save spokes.


In theory, one could save maybe a few hundred grams with hydraulic brakes - at costs of 450 € upwards.
Also, it must be possible to replace spokes, axles and a few more things by custom Titanium parts…

Thank you Chris for your information! :wink:

By the way, what do you think about the hutchinson greenville? They look pretty cool on the bike!

For my meaning is the Hutchinson Greenville pretty similar to the Schwalbe Big Apple Balloon; much cushion and stability - in rain it may be problematic.

Logically at that width it is required to modify the magnet lock mechanism, there are several ways to do that.

Big withdrawal of the Greenville - most likely it does NOT fit on original Strida wheels.
That above are very wide, riveted BMX rims.