It’s time for a presentation.

Henrik Engel from Denmark.

My bike: - Strida SX clean Alu and Black

I’m using my Strida for the daily communte by train. It’s used to and from th station in booth ends. As the Strida as a folding bike is free on the train here ind Denmark.



Hi Angel :sunglasses:

do you feel comfortable with the short standard handlebar? I always found riding with the short bar a bit unstable. Now I enjoy my new wide touring handlebar:

But I DO understand that you prefer the short bar for commuting. The wide bar is very inconvenient in public transport.

Will you add lights to your Strida for the dark hours in winter?

Neon I was actually just reading your posting and was wondering what that handlebar did for the riding comfort and the way the arms are held.
I definetly like the way that the hands are held across the directions you ride.
But on the other side I also think it’s very unstaable. But i’m very dubtfull about that the handles are turn so you hands are turned ?

Neon would you post a picture of the bike foldet.
Does the touring handles come with the extension to the cables ?

Yes ligts are on the way. But not Stridas.


Hej keysersoze,

many thanks and at Stridaforum.

Your kickstand looks unusual, where did you get that one if I may ask?

Have a safe ride,


That’s what I’ve asked me too. “But it’s an EVO” I answered myself, assuming that EVOs might come with some special stuff.

Now I’m even more curious about the stand.

I don’t have to twist my hands in any uncomfortable way with the wide handlebar.

But as you prefer the straight grip you would be better off with the the other wide handlebar that Strida offers. highjacking a pic that Chris sent me to show the difference between the touring handlebar and the straight wide handlebar:

The handlebar below is the touring handlebar I’ve now at my Strida. (The only difference: I’ve chosen brown leather handles.)

The wide but straight handlebar above is the option Chris prefers. I guess Chris can tell you where you can order it.

And yes, the wide handlebars come with the the extensions for the brake cables. At least my touring handlebar came with the extensions. Chris will know if all wide handlebars come with extensions.

How/where will you fix the back light? The Strida back light is designed to replace the reflector at the bottom of the luggage rack.

Pic of the folded Strida will follow soon.

I hope this answers your folding&handlebar questions:

Regarding the different choices of Strida handlebars I posted this a few years ago, it may help show the differences. If one is able when changing handlebars consider changing the brake cables so that you do not need to use the cable extensions, I have do this a few times for custom Strida builds and it looks much better. … ar-review/

Cheers, Bill

P.S.: Chris just now gave me the hint that not every Strida with 18’’ is an EVO … :blush:

Neon - the backlight will be this one … T_EALw_wcB

In Denmark it’s elegal to remove the reflector. So this above i will place some where they fit.

I must look around for bikes with the two types of handles and ask for a try :slight_smile:

Neon does that mean it’s not an original kickstand ? My Bike is an SX


Original…since…sorry, that was before my time :blush:

Ah, that back light is neat. I really like that it can be clipped.

I’m not sure about the law here in Germany. I guess we must have the reflector too. But the police doesn’t seem to be interested in that special item. When the bike has working lights at night it’s all okay for them.

The M bars or Touring bars ie the biggest ones like the onesNeon got can they be bought inbooth black and brown ? Are there also a black steel ie painted versionso they are all black ?

Yes, the M (M for moustache) bars should be available in silver with black or brown grips.
There is also a copper version existent with brown grips.

Btw - in Germany it’s called “Tourenlenker”, too.

Most Strida parts which are made of aluminium can be black (or any color) anodized:

Black anodized Strida parts

…as always - take note of the “but”…

But in case of the bars they must be disassembled completely for anodizing; that means all the brass things at the inner ends (parts 215-14-1, 215-14-2) - and that again is a bit tricky :wink:

Really nice blogpost. :heart:

You write: “The M style handlebar kit also includes the Strida leather hand grips, these match the leather saddle for looks.”

Let’s agree to diagree. The color of the brown leather grips is totally different from the color of the brown leather saddle. It’s only after I’ve treated both with a good amount of old sun protection lotion^^ that they match better.

Luckily I like it when things aren’t too perfect. :slight_smile: