Portable pump or floor pump to maintain tire pressure

I was told to check the tire pressure of my Strida once every 2weeks. So I just need a pump with pressure gauge to keep my 16" tires inflated to the correct PSI/Bar.

I was told that portable pump needs a lot of effort and time to inflate a tire. But I’m not going to inflate a flat tire.
So can I just get those portable tire pump or should I get a floor pump?

Agree fully, very good time interval!

I mean effort and time to fill a 16 or narrow 18 inch tyre is manageable - small tyre sizes need much less air volume than big ones.
But of course does a floor pump offer much more comfort.

Really sure?
Then do yourself a favour and buy a floor pump with pressure gauge :smiley:
(Watch out for a pump with a small head and short release lever :wink: )

Generally I’d recommend to buy two pumps:
One for home (floor) and another very small and light one, maybe a CO2 inflator for “on the road”.

I’m using at home BBS pumps, one with the original head for car valves (not 100% recommendable for 16") and a second with the Hirame head for Sclaverand valves (Floor Pump Recommendation for 18" Wheel).
On road with Strida I’m carrying always CO2 inflators and on my recumbent this lightweight Lezyne:

Here also a floor pump. And a very small portable one that’s rated up to 9bar, should do the trick.
At work there’s also a decent floor pump, so the little one is just in case of…

Get both.

Floor pump at home.

Hand pump while on the road.

I have one of these: topeak.com/products/Pumps/Pressure-Rite

It is still a tight fit on the 18 inch rims with the spokes. It helps with tire pressure a lot when pulling the pump off though. My floor pump isn’t anything special on it’s own and I was loosing pressure putting it on and taking it off. This works with anything with schrader valves. I just attach it to the valve, then hook my pump up. Or just screw it in if I’m feeling real lazy.

I have this hand pump with flexible hose but doesn’t have a pressure gauge though


but my floor pump does

I’m using Birzman mini pump which can realistically pump up to 85psi of the recommended pressure for my tyres and checking the pressure by using a Digital pressure gauge.
Earlier tried the floor pump but cannot sustain the required pressure of 85 psi although it showed in the built in pressure gauge at 85psi reading, when I counter check it with the digital pressure gauge, the margin of error is so huge.