POLL: Fold frequency?

On average, how often do you fold/unfold your Strida?

  • less than once per day
  • once per day
  • twice per day
  • three times per day
  • more than three times per day
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Hi everyone,

I was recently wondering, to what extent does the act of folding/unfolding contribute to wear and tear on a Strida? Do people who fold more often also experience more maintenance issues?

The first thing to find out though, is how often do people actually fold their Stridas … In this poll, “once” means one fold + one unfold. So if you only do a single fold or a single unfold, that would be less than once.

I fold and unfold my Strida many times per day. Other than ride to work, I also combine my commuting to evening school with public transport. I don’t think there is any maintenance issue when the bike is folded and unfolded frequently.

A folding bike is built to fold. :mrgreen:

I guess I was especially thinking of the folding pedals, since I have had problems with those in the past as mentioned on other posts. But I think “user error” could also be a factor – if you are folding/unfolding a lot, the chance is increased that you could do something like over-extend the front tube and damage the joint, or drop your bottom tube and damage it or damage the belt drive wheel. Also, I think you might have to clean and lubricate the rear joint of bottom tube and seat tube more frequently.

I never over-extend the front tube but drop the bottom tube occationally. :blush:
Moreover, I lubricate the ball joint and the rear joint periodically with grease and oil. :mrgreen:

Oh, what grease do you use on the ball joint?

I use silicone grease on the ball joint. :wink: