Poll: Carbon Strida gearing

What kind of gearing do you want/expect for the Carbon frame Strida?

  • Single speed - like SX or LT
  • Dual speed - like MAS or SD
  • Three speed - like the EVO
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Hi fellow Striders,

imagine the Carbon Strida reached already the market…
…you’re willing and able to afford one…
…just…how many gears should it have?

The motivation to go for a carbon frame is obviously its low weight. So in order to have a feather light Strida, I would certainly go for the single speed option. The Evo system is definitely too heavy.

Heard of about 8 kg, but no serious announcement by now :neutral_face:

I hope they will test it extensively on durability. I have seen some aluminium tube failures on this forum, but carbon failure could be much worse as it happens without warning…


Yep that’s what I meant. And with 16" or 18" wheels the Strida might be subject to bigger and more frequent impacts than with road bike wheels, which could result in an accelerated frame wear and failure.
No carbon Strida for me thanks!

carbon rim is no any suspension then the wire rim, carbon frame will crash easier I think… :slight_smile:

I think they should just make the Gearing system optional as should be the choice of 16" vs 18" tyres.


Ideally, 3 gears just like the EVO.

Yes it will weigh a little more but imagine being passed by everyone up hills and along the flats because you are sitting on $3500 of Artist.

No gears are the one reason I didnt buy it.

No fenders* was another reason, if I am paying $3500 for a bike I want to be able to ride it all year.

*a simple & light, clip on/clip off, system would be perfect.

But then again, if everyone & anyone can ride faster than me, why invest in static art that has wheels, after all it looks like a rocket ship, not something to be hung on a wall.

Totally agree with DoctorStrida.

No gears - no sale.

If it came out 1kg heavier but like a C2 EVO - Carbon 3 speed - I will buy it without hesitation - in Singapore the C1 is selling at SGD$4995 (approx. US$3700)

Fenders I can live without - I can understand the weight saving or cool look (looks more cool without fenders) and at THAT price tag I ain’t riding it in the rain ^^

In Singapore I can cycle on both footpaths, cycling shared tracks and road. In Australia (Sydney) - my other home legally I am obliged to ONLY cycle on the road with all other cars and “road bikes” and the place I ride in Sydney is full of hills. From a personal safety perspective and also “not to be a road nuisance” - I need gears for SAFETY.

I can’t see it happening as I don’t think there are many sales of the Strida C1. This is my personal perspective from Singapore - where I only seen 2 Strida C1 sell in the bike shop I frequent a lot - in the whole of 2017. There MUST be an ROI to make it worthwhile production.

If I am proven wrong and a Carbon 2 EVO comes out then WOOT I will buy!

Lastly - at this price point - one can buy 2 high quality e-scooters or around 15 cheap e-scooters - in Singapore.

Just though to complete this thread…

The time I spend visiting the showroom of my local bike shop - for the C1 Carbon - looking and drooling.

Sigh - if only it came with gears…